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How much would it cost to keep a vending machine in the office for my employees?

As with most office equipment, the cost of a vending machine may be broken down into a few basic components. First is the initial acquisition investment, a first purchase or rental contract payment plus initial stocking of your machine, which will range from a few hundred to a few thousand pounds. You must then budget for monthly or quarterly payments to restock and service and maintain your machine(s). Each of these cost components will depend on the type of contract you choose, whether you decide to manage restocking yourself or outsource it to your supplier, the number of machines you have, and your consumption volume – which will depend on the size of your staff. The only real way to get a sense of what a vending machine will actually cost you is to ask suppliers for quotes based on what you want.  Don’t hesitate to ask; all vending machine suppliers will be happy to give you a quote

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