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Should you buy, rent or lease the machine?

If you want to provide drinks and/or snacks to employees and visitors the simplest financing arrangement is to  rent your vending machine . Your vending machine dealer will restock and maintain the machine on a prearranged schedule. You may also want to consider leasing your vending machine, which is similar to renting but at the end of your contract you can take ownership of your machine. In any case once you’ve made your choice of what to offer (hot drinks, cold drinks, snack or some combination) then you need to consider expected volume. A machine for a large staff will obviously require greater volume than one for a small shop. Next you'll need to determine pricing and payment options (cash or payment cards). And finally, you'll need to choose between fully managed service, in which your vendor restocks your machine according to a prearranged timetable, or self-managed service, in which you refill your machine as its stock is depleted.

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