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Are there sabotage-protection solutions for alarm systems?

protected against sabotage

There are several ways to protect your alarm system against sabotage:

-  If the alarm is ripped off its holder, a signal may go off.

-  A battery can keep the system running even in the event of a power failure; detectors plugged into mains supply may have backup batteries to operate when there’s an outage. An alarm system often has a backup battery in case of failure.

-  If there is an interruption in the telephone network, the alarm can send a signal to notify you.

-  Certain technologies (double frequency for example) make it possible to avoid jamming attempts.

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Note that in order to avoid sabotage attempts as much as possible, it is better not to install the alarm hub in a place easily visible to burglars, as it represents the key element in the alarm system!


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