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What is the definition of a video doorbell?

A video doorbell is a security device which allows you to control the access of visitors to various places where it is necessary.

It includes:

  • a unit (or terminal) installed in the premises,
  • a door unit installed outside,
  • and a set of cables to ensure and expand data transmission.


Video doorbells are often found in communities such as nurseries, in certain private estates, in private clubs, businesses, or in buildings halls...

Concretely, when a visitor rings the doorbell, the video doorbell unit allows you to view the individual one a screen using a small camera integrated into the door entry unit. You can decide to allow access (or not), remotely.

There are different types of video doorbells: traditional (wired) and wireless. Each variation is suited to a specific context and has its pros and cons. It is possible to choose some practical options: colour and / or touch screen, adding a digital code to the board, etc.

To learn more about access control systems with video doorbells feel free to read our dedicated guide. Do not forget that the video doorbell quote requests available on our site are free!

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