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Is it possible to use mobile CCTV surveillance for my office?

Yes, you can keep your office under surveillance from your smartphone, and even control your CCTV surveillance cameras with your mobile device.

To monitor your premises from your smartphone, there are some essential prerequisites. 

First of all, you will need:

  • a mobile terminal connected to the Internet (such as your smartphone and / or a tablet);
  • a so-called IP (Internet Protocol) CCTV surveillance system. This system includes one or more IP cameras connected to the Internet by one of the 3 known connection methods (wired system, Wi-Fi or the radio network);
  • Finally, you need to download a smartphone monitoring application which allows you to remotely access data recorder by the IP CCTV cameras.


After installing your IP cameras and assigning the IP address of your Internet router, video can be transmitted through your computer network.

The video stream is then accessible via the Internet. Data access is of course secured by access codes.

Using a dedicated application, and after setting up the system, you can play the surveillance videos right on your smartphone.

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