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Multi-Merchant Terminal

Question asked by Jodie

Is it possible to have a card machine that 2 separate self employed beauty therapists share within 1 business? In as such as we can both use it, and setup for payments to go to separate bank accounts depending who has logged on. Ideally id like a card machine that transmits via telephone line. Im already using streamline-cardsave, but have another therapist coming to work with me very soon. Because we're both self employed, i want to keep payments separate. Thanks in advance. Jodie

response from Dalila Boinay

Hi Jodie,

In locations where business entities share a single payment processing terminal, it is often difficult to determine which business entity the sales should be credited to. There is a solution called multi-merchant terminal which can help keep track of sales from separate businesses housed at the same location. 

Its multi-merchant capability allows the merchant to conveniently designate which business the sale is applied to at the time of purchase, all with one point-of-service terminal. The merchant still receives a single, easy-to-read statement, but each transaction is designated by the specific business.

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