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What are card machines?


Card machines, commonly referred to as Point of Sale (POS), or Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) terminals, are the secure means through which merchants can process card payments from customers. Today’s card payment machines operate on Parallel Data Query (PDQ) technology, which uses differing methods to contact the acquiring bank to validate card data. PDQ terminals come in three basic varieties: countertop, mobile, or Bluetooth.

Today, most merchants (trading outlets such as shops, restaurants or hotels) are expected to accept debit or credit card payments for goods or services, either in store or on the move, making card terminals an essential tool for any business that sells directly to customers.


  • What types of card payment terminals are available?
  • What services are typically offered with a card machine?
  • How do I go about upgrading my card terminal?
  • If my business expands, can I add more terminals to accept card payments?
  • Can I get multiple card machines in the same deal?