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What are smartphone card payment terminals?

Mobile phones have allowed users to access the Internet for years, and now they are also beginning to serve as card payment terminals.

One of the most recent developments in Chip and PIN technology is the increasing popularity of using a mobile phone handset as a  card payment terminal . Smartphone users can use their handsets to make transactions from anywhere a network connection can be made. They work just like countertop Chip & PIN handsets in shops and restaurants: an app is uploaded onto the phone to scan barcodes and manage stock control and billing, with an additional piece of hardware taking card payments through the Chip & PIN system.


Why use a smartphone card terminal?

You can equip all your employees with a payment terminal and never lose a sale.

You can ring up sales in the aisles as well as at the till, making it easier for shoppers to buy.

You can email receipts to the customer via the phone terminal and eliminate paper receipts.

Advances in mobile Chip & PIN technology are cutting transaction time and making it easier for customers to make purchases. For example, a new service allows phone handsets to operate as contactless payment devices which are simply waved over a reader.

Debit and credit cards can be combined into a single Chip & PIN card, and loyalty cards, reward cards and other store cards can be combined. Contactless payment can be used for small items, by swiping a Chip & PIN card over a reader. And information can be displayed on your card with advertising, special offers or useful information such as directions.

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