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Visitor access control software: what special features?

access control software

Visitor access control software solutions generally offer the following features:

-  real-time visitor registration (access and exit);

-  pre-registration: this is the planned, automated data entry concerning individuals scheduled to access premises on the visitors’ schedule. Dates and times of planned visits are therefore indicated in a dedicated module and synchronized with calendars (Outlook etc.);

-  printing of access authorisations (mentioning expiration date, area visited, host and the purpose of visit, etc.);

-  creation of personalised badges (with related monitoring and management of traffic within company premises);

-  creation of visitor profiles;

-  allocation of adjustable access rights ...


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Some visitor access control software solutions offer more advanced features thanks to new technologies.


For example, these visitor access control software packages may:

-  automatically identify visitors already registered in the database, expected visitors or visitors flagged as individuals requiring special monitoring;

-  read identity papers or business cards, record the photo and signature of each visitor;

-  track access maps accurately;

-  filter visitors subject to special agreements;

-  inform the host of the arrival of his guest thanks to automatic notifications (on a desk phone or on a mobile phone ...),

-  etc.


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