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Konica Minolta photocopiers: a wide range of solutions for your office needs

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Konica Minolta is considered a leader in office equipment, not only in the UK but also in all 35 countries where it operates. The brand is famous for servicing such high-profile international clients and partnerships such as the Liverpool Football Club or Moto GP. Konica Minolta photocopiers are only one product line in a wide range which includes office equipment, industrial printers, but also services for companies wishing to improve their workflow, secure their data and provide their staff with user-friendly, affordable office equipment.

Services and products

Most companies don’t need anything more than a regular multi-function printer (MFP) for their office. MFPs can photocopy, of course, but also print, scan, and even receive or send faxes. However, businesses specialising in printing or copy will need to use more specific equipment. In either case, Konica Minolta can provide a solution, while at the same time offering several organisational strategies to help businesses be more efficient when using the brand’s products.

From MFPs to production printing

Konica Minolta photocopiers are suitable for companies of all sizes. Home users and small businesses will choose entry-level laser MFPs, usually in black and white. Colour photocopiers for specific tasks, such as printing marketing material, can come with nearly unlimited high-tech options, such as A3 printing or finishing tools. For copy and printing professionals, complete systems are available, and they are Konica Minolta’s standout feature. These systems are particularly adapted to commercial and industrial productivity demands, and offer specific features such as low-energy modes to reduce electricity bills, and high output speeds.

Solutions for the industry

Streamlining document service is important in any field of business. Konica Minolta offers solutions for businesses working in education, healthcare, finance, insurance and legal matters, to help them reduce administrative costs, deliver services more efficiently and allow them to focus on their primary task.

Mobile printing with Konica-Minolta photocopiers

Printing from anywhere at any time is clearly a valuable asset, particularly for employees who travel for business or don’t often work on site. Konica Minolta photocopiers can connect wirelessly to smartphones, tablets or any mobile device for more flexibility and reactivity.

 Konica Minolta photocopiers

Why choose a Konica Minolta photocopier?

While many similar companies offer sensibly the same hardware ranges, Konica Minolta also offer a whole portfolio of business solutions dedicated to improving their clients’ productivity and efficiency, by managing and organising their document-related processes.

Bizhub interface

All Konica Minolta photocopiers use the Bizhub open platform. It allows loyal users to swap and change copiers often, without having to learn how to use a new system. Once a user understands the basics, using any copier in the range becomes child’s play, even high-tech, complete models.

Managed Content Services

One of these business services is called Managed Content Service. It consists in optimising all information-relevant corporate processes to avoid the scattering of data in disparate silos. Konica Minolta analyses your company’s document-intensive workflows, and proposes optimising, tailored solutions. The core product of the MCS range is the Enterprise Content Management service, which integrates seamlessly in your company’s infrastructure.

Optimised Print Services

To allow businesses focus on what really matters, Konica Minolta offers to manage their entire print and scan infrastructure, guaranteeing cost reductions and trouble-free processes. For instance, data securing and consumables recycling or delivery can be organised.