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Ricoh photocopiers: the sustainable solution for your company

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Ricoh, founded in 1936, is a Japanese multinational imaging and electronics company manufacturing, among other products, printers and copiers. Thanks to its impressive attachment to sustainable development and environmental protection, Ricoh has been named for many years as one of the most sustainable and ethical companies in the world. The Ricoh photocopier range is very wide, in order to cater for the needs of all, from domestic users to large multinationals.

Desktop models for home users and SMEs

Nowadays, most photocopiers are actually multi-function printers (MFPs) which can scan, print, copy, and even in some cases send or receive faxes and print emails. However, many users, particularly home users, independent contractors or small business owners, don’t need that many functions. Entry-level Ricoh photocopiers are packed with interesting features but their operation remains easy, and they’re affordable too.

Ricoh photocopiers: black and white models

The desktop range starts with the ultra-simple MP2001, a black and white laser printer and copier. It processes 20 copies a minute, and boasts an outstanding first output speed of 6.5 seconds, which is really convenient if you only use it once in a while. It can also print or copy in A3, all for around £2,000, which is below average for a laser copier. At the very top of the desktop Ricoh photocopier range are the Aficio models such as the Aficio SP 5200SF. It can copy or print 50 pages per minute with high resolution, a maximum capacity of 2,300 sheets, prints on both sides, and offers features you’d only expect to find on bigger, more expensive models.

Colour units

Colour desktop units exist too, like the Aficio SG 3100SNw gel printer at only £100, with a 29 ppm output for colour documents. Besides, high-end units are also available, for example the MP C306ZSPF, which delivers the type of functionality usually found on large freestanding MFPs. Its 10.1-inch colour soft-key panel makes operation easy even for untrained staff. It can print, scan, copy and scan colour documents, and only costs £1,000. As a matter of fact, inkjet colour units are cheaper than laser ones, but ink cartridges are more expensive than toner. Therefore, colour copiers are more suited for businesses which process small quantities of high-resolution colour prints, for marketing material such as flyers for instance.

Ricoh photocopiers

Ricoh photocopiers for large volumes of print

Although plain and simple black and white standalone models costing under £1,000 exist and offer sensibly similar features as desktop models, most heavy freestanding Ricoh photocopiers are meant to be used by copy professionals who need to copy or print large volumes of documents, in black and white or in colour.

Multi-function printers for copy professionals

At £4,700 plus VAT, the Ricoh MPC 5503 is a work-intensive colour MFP capable of a 55 ppm output, duplex printing, and A3 scan, copy and print. It can be used as a central document server in any large company as it is fully networkable. It can produce its first black and white copy from standby in 3 seconds only, and can be equipped with various finishing tools such as document folders or staplers. The MP C8002SP is the perfect solution for in-plant colour-imaging production. This machine is able to reach a 80 ppm output in colour, and includes a 2000-sheet booklet finishing tool. It costs £5,400.

Consumables and options

Ricoh also provides its clients with all necessary consumables for its products, as well as a great number of options for its photocopiers, such as additional paper trays. Black and white toner cartridges can produce up to 50,000 pages for high-end units, 9,000 for entry-level models, with prices from £50 upwards. Colour ink cartridges or toner are understandably more expensive as each primary colour needs a specific cartridge.