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Olivetti photocopiers: products and services

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Olivetti was founded in 1908 in Turin, Italy. Now part of the Telecom Italia Group, the company continues to grow with innovative practices and products. Olivetti photocopiers and multi-function printers (MFPs) are particularly popular in Europe, and are appreciated for their reliability. Besides, a whole portfolio of managed print services is available, allowing Olivetti’s clients to improve their efficiency and productivity in all print-related domains.

Olivetti photocopiers and printing solutions

Olivetti’s first area of expertise is obviously electronic manufacturing, and particularly copiers and printers. The range of products is rational and complete, with models suited for different businesses, from sole traders to larger companies.

Desktop units

Desktop Olivetti photocopiers are perfect for small businesses which process low volumes of documents daily, while retaining all the versatility and high-tech features of larger units. For instance, the d-Copia 1801MFPlus and d-Copia 2201MFPlus can perform all the current business tasks for most companies. They’re laser MFPs of the “mono” type, meaning they can print, scan and copy in black and white; they can be integrated in any computer network and offer low running costs.

Olivetti photocopiers and MFPs

Olivetti manufactures a wide range of mono and colour standalone MFPs, capable of carrying out all document-related tasks, even for larger companies which specialise in copy or print. The D-Color MF652PLUS is a high-end colour MFP, capable of a 60 page-per-minute output for print and copy. It can also process A3 copies, and has been specifically designed for large workgroups. On the whole, Olivetti photocopiers offer all the features which can be expected from modern, state-of-the-art machines.

 Olivetti photocopiers

Managed print services

Even the best-quality hardware will be useless if used improperly. While it may be easy to choose a photocopier, a lot of companies don’t benefit fully from their office equipment for want of an optimised, streamlined document-related strategy.


Olivetti is a certified Nuance Equitrac Expert Partner, which means it can provide its clients with management solutions for their fleet of printers and MFPs. Thanks to user profiling and follow-you services, Equitrac allows for better cost control, efficiency and security with all Olivetti photocopiers.


As the number of mobile devices on the workplace has increased in recent years, so has the necessity to guide and help businesses adopt these new tools. Olivetti’s EveryOnePrint service installs in minutes on any company’s network and allows users to print from any smartphone or tablet. It integrates seamlessly into any business infrastructure, can be tailored to meet specific needs, and transforms every Olivetti photocopier into a wireless printing terminal. The additional Olivetti Mobile Print app for iOS and Android is fully compatible with this solution.

Print Audit

Print Audit is a suite of print management tools, able to handle and control all printing and photocopying production. It also includes a flexible reporting tool for detailed analysis of the whole printing process, in order to help companies optimise their infrastructure. It keeps track of all printing jobs, creates rules for instance to limit printing based on cost, and above all eliminates the need for a print server.