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Panasonic fax machines: products and solutions

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Founded in Japan by Konosuke Matsushita in 1918, Panasonic is a world leader in various fields, but its main area of expertise is electronics. The Panasonic Corporation manufactures cameras, televisions, mobile phones but also office equipment. Panasonic fax machines are famed for their reliability and easy operation, as well as for the state-of-the art technology they use. Moreover, Panasonic not only supplies fax machines, but also a whole range of consumables and optional products.

Panasonic fax machines: a comprehensive range of products

Fax technology was theorised in the mid-19th century, but its popularity really peaked in the 1980s, when better speeds and standard norms made fax machines a staple of office equipment. While originally faxes were printed on special thermal paper, which has many disadvantages, Panasonic fax machines all use plain, A4 paper. Besides, the wide product range suits businesses of all sizes, depending on their needs and budget.

 Small and medium-size businesses

The UF-5600 and UF-4600 are desktop fax machines, which is convenient for small offices with little workspace. Scanning speeds are around 3 seconds per page, and these units can print 24 pages per minute. They can also be used as colour scanners connected to a computer, which is handy if you need to digitise a colour document and, for example, send it via email. Document memory is around 480 pages, which allows the user to receive large volumes of documents at once. Moreover, UF-5600 and UF-4600 come with junk fax filters, misdial protection systems, network connectivity and a 250-page paper tray.

Mid-range models

For medium-volume users, the UF-6300 and UF-5300 Panasonic fax machines feature large-capacity document memory, a speedy and reliable Automatic Document Feeder (ADF), and of course all the features of smaller models. Moreover, these units are equipped with internet fax capabilities and a scan-to-email function to send documents directly to a recipient’s computer from the fax machine. These models are perfect for companies which process significant amount of documents, while retaining the practicality and compact size of a desktop unit.

Panasonic fax machines for large companies

At the top of the range are several units capable of outstanding performance. The UF-8300 and UF-7300 are sturdy fax machines, able to process large volumes of documents. Thanks to an optional Paper Feed Module, these units can reach paper-tray capacities of over 1,000, so no important information can be lost. The ADF also has a large, 100-page capacity for intensive reproduction or transmission jobs. An optional Dual G3 Port is available too, which means the risk of busy fax lines is reduced without having to use multiple machines. Once again, these units are also equipped with all the features of less expensive models.

 Panasonic fax machines

Consumables and options

When using a fax machine, a significant part of the overall cost actually consists in the price of consumables, such as toner for instance, but also of optional functions which add to the basic price of a Panasonic fax machine.

Toner and cartridges

One of the attractive aspects of laser fax machines is that they use plain paper, printed with toner. This is a clean, hassle-free and cost-effective technology. For small units, toner cartridges can produce around 3,000 pages, but drum cartridges produce twice this amount. For mid-range and high-end machines, All-in-One cartridges are suitable for 10,000 prints, in black and white or colour.

Optional features

Additional modules for online faxing, handset kits or large-capacity paper trays are available throughout the range. For instance, small units can be equipped with a 250-page tray, while 550-page trays will allow users of high-end models to process considerable volumes of documents.