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How is the replenishment of a vending machine processed?

Depending on the service plan, the replenishment of a snack vending machine or a drink vending machine may be taken care of by the business where the machine is installed (self-management) or by the vending machine provider (full-service).  

With full-service plans, businesses must get in touch with the service provider for replenishment as well as maintenance operations. Some service providers rely on their account managers to anticipate vending machine replenishment needs based on historical product sales data for every business customer.  


With self-management, vending machine replenishment is wholly taken care of by the user. Users buy cans, chocolate bars or snacks and place them inside the machine. But in this case, businesses can choose the product range freely and keep the money collected by the coin mechanism (or by any other payment method used). 

This type of plan is therefore not possible for hot drink vending machines, which rely on specific ingredients and maintenance procedures. 

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