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What are your choices in terms of vending machine?

Vending machines provide an array of inexpensive refreshment choices for your staff and visitors.

Some vending machine providers offer a single type of machine while others provide a broader selection of machines. If you are thinking about renting a vending machine, below are some of the types of  vending machines available:

- Large vending machines: appropriate for catering to a large staff or customer base- Tabletop vending machines: smaller space-efficient machines for lesser volume- Snacks vending machines: crisps, chocolates, candy and gum- Hot drinks vending machines: coffee tea, cocoa and more- Cold drinks vending machines: soft drinks, fruit juices, bottled water -Food vending machines: sandwiches, soups, microwaveable dishes- Combination vending machines: combinations of snacks and drinks


Making your choice

Before choosing a supplier you should query your staff to see what they would most like in a vending machine. Then check with suppliers in your area, compare their prices, selection and service plans. Speaking directly with potential suppliers will give you a better idea of what’s available and how much it will cost your business. Take your time to find the right supplier and what type of vending machine will best serve the needs of your business.

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