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How to make sure expiration dates will be respected?

The vending machine provider, or his service provider, meticulously checks every product left in the vending machine: candies, chocolate bars or other food products. Fresh products are replaced on a daily basis. The most advanced vending machines feature computerised scanning to help machine managers monitor everything.


Information is transmitted using GPRS to the vending machine operator’s terminal (which can be his smartphone), so that he or she can always arrange required replenishments on time. In the case of self-management, the business where the vending machine is installed takes care of controlling every product left in the dispenser. They have the responsibility to check Expiry dates or expiration dates, also known as “use-by dates”, or “best before” dates, also known as “quality assurance dates”. Quality assurance dates or best before dates are not as stringent as use-by dates or expiry dates as the former only indicate that the product may not keep its quality in terms of original taste, but stopping short of representing a risk for the consumer.

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