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Why install a hot and cold drink in your business?

More and more vending machines can be found everywhere, in public places (airports, train stations, etc.) as well as in private places (offices etc.). The products they dispense are very diversified, as they may come from hot and cold drink vending machines or snack vending machines.

In the workplace, these machines make a great variety of products available to staff and visitors. You may decide which products will be dispensed by the machine in order to meet user demands. Your teams will be grateful as vending machines do improve social bonding within the company.

These machines are attractive as they help every business control costs in an interesting way. For example, a cup of coffee purchased from a machine costs far less than a cup of coffee purchased somewhere else. Furthermore, these machines are real time-savers compared to cafeterias or coffee shops: it only takes about 20 seconds for hot drink vending machine to pour a cup. 


Another advantage of these vending machines is how easy they make it to pay for the products purchased. Depending on settings, your users may be able to pay with coins, credit cards or with a dedicated badge or tag.

Most food vending machine dispense snacks and candies with poor nutritional value. These machines suffer from heavy criticism, as many people believe that installing this kind of vending machines promotes unhealthy eating habits. You may however avoid such criticism by replenishing your vending machine with fruits or healthy snacks.

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