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How to perform the maintenance operations required by a vending machine?

Vending machines require maintenance operations as they dispense food products. 

It is recommended to resort to a specialised technician, as these operations are quite tricky. 

First, three objectives should be outlined for these maintenance operations:

  • The first objective, during installation, is to prepare the vending machine for operation. The technician has to install the vending machine on the desired site. He has to connect it to the wall outlet and to the building’s water supply, and enter necessary settings so that the machine can operate. 
  • The second objective, when the vending machine is in operation, is about regular maintenance. The vending machine comes in contact with food products, so it must be cleaned regularly. Gears and parts which share the biggest surface with dispensed products require special attention. It is also necessary to control every item available for purchase in order to comply with hygiene and safety standards (number of products, packaging condition, expiry date). It is also be necessary to collect the change from the machine so that the container doesn’t get full. 
  • The last task, in the event of a breakdown, is to restart the machine. Sometimes it will be necessary to replace defective parts.

If all these maintenance tasks are to be carried out by a specialised technician, a maintenance and management contract is required. The contract will ne be the same depending on the type of plan chosen. 

If you have purchased the machine and have chosen the self-management option, there are two possibilities. You can either get some training so that you can maintain the machine yourself, or you can sign a separate maintenance contract, either with your service provider who provided the machine, or with an external service provider.

If you have opted to rent your machine, then service and maintenance will be included in the rental contract. 

The contract must match the vending machine usage patterns. Cleaning frequency for example has to be aligned with the number of users. The more the vending machine will be used, the more often it will have to be cleaned. The contract must also include provisions about planned equipment servicing and repairs in the event of breakdowns.

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