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What are the benefits of vending machines for schools?

Vending machines in schools offer students and pupils a convenient source of snacks and drinks that provide the energy they need to get through their active day.

For schools without a breakfast club or after-school club for children with busy working parents, vending machines can provide a range of healthy snacks and drinks to boost pupils’ well-being as well as that of hungry teachers and school staff. Vending machines have revolutionised school break times by providing drinks and snacks since the 1970s. 

Benefits of vending machines in school

Schools can choose vending machines which offer a range of choices, from plated-up meals to cold drinks and snacks. The trend in schools is for healthier products which provide nutrition to growing youngsters rather than sugary products which may have a negative impact on their health.

Vending machine suppliers can recommend vending machines which are best adapted for use in schools , and decision makers at schools can choose which products to make available to their pupils. The benefits of installing vending machines in school include:

- Reduced queuing time in school canteens- Choice of convenient, nutritious meals and snacks- Encourage children to be responsible for healthier eating habits- Generate income which can be invested elsewhere in schools


Cashless vending in schools

Cashless or card vending machines in school have many advantages, the main one being that pupils do not have to carry cash. A card vending machine can be mounted on a wall to enable parents to make payments to the school which will be uploaded to a card, enabling a pupil to obtain school dinners and snacks to the value of the card. This also ensures that pupils do not lose their dinner money or spend it on other items and miss out on meals. Card vending machines in school can also provide a record of a pupil’s eating patterns as well as general information about vending machine usage and POS (point of sale) data.

Companies such as Revive specialise in vending machines in school, and Pouchlink produces a range of healthy, fruit-based drinks for its eco-friendly vending machines which dispense soft drinks in pouches rather than in bottles or cans.

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