Tips for choosing the right copiers and printers

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What are the discriminating features when choosing a business copier ?

Before choosing an office copier, you must first evaluate your needs. 

Does the device have to be a multifunction copier, that is, also work as a printer and a scanner? Should it be able to connect to a network? Photocopy large format documents? Operate using EDM (Electronic Document Management) software? Support a backup hard drive?

Traditional copiers are not multifunctional, cannot scan or save documents, and cannot connect to the corporate network. However, they offer classic copying functions and are easy and quick to install.


Digital copiers can be multifunction copiers (copier, printer, fax, scanner), offer excellent print quality (even in large numbers), are remotely programmable and can benefit from preventive maintenance (which is essential in large companies). However, their selling price is higher than that of analogue copiers and their complex installation requires the intervention of a specialised technician.

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Tips for choosing the right copiers and printers – frequently asked questions :

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