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How to choose between inkjet and laser printers?

Inkjet printers work with ink cartridges, the cost of which must necessarily be considered before making a decision to purchase any printer since they will need to be replaced frequently.

Suitable for small volumes (less than fifty monthly prints), they offer very good print quality. In fact, they are particularly suitable for those who want to print photos in good resolution. The lifespan of an inkjet printer is less than that of a laser printer but its purchase price is much lower ( £50 and up for the cheapest colour printers, which is almost twenty times cheaper than the colour laser printers).


Laser printers are quieter and faster (up to 8 colour pages per minute and up to 34 black and white pages per minute) than inkjet printers but they are also more expensive to purchase. As they are very productive devices, they can print a very large number of pages before their toner cartridges need replacement: capacity is approximately 1,500 monochrome pages per toner.

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Tips for choosing the right copiers and printers – frequently asked questions :

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