Tips for choosing the right copiers and printers

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What details should I know before buying a photocopier?

To choose a copier perfectly suited to your needs, it is important to pay attention to many details:

  • features - copying only, printing, fax, scanner...,
  • technology used - analogue or digital,
  • inkjet or laser printing,
  • black and white or colour printing,
  • maximum volume of monthly copies,
  • printing speed (in CPM - copies per minute),
  • printing (in DPI) and scanning resolution,
  • paper formats supported (A4, A3 ...),
  • image reduction and enlargement capacities,
  • number of input and output paper trays and feeder capacity (in number of sheets),
  • support of duplex printing (two-sided printing),
  • EDM software (electronic document management) and hard disk memory capacity,
  • network connectivity (possibility to connect the equipment to several computer stations) and Wifi,
  • sound level,
  • energy consumption,
  • dimensions and weight ...


Obviously, these criteria must be prioritised according to your requirements: maybe you do not care at all about the sound volume, maybe you only want to print in draft quality or maybe your equipment must absolutely fall within very specific dimensions...

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