The different types of copiers and printers

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How does a digital copier work?

Digital copiers allow you to reproduce a large number of documents in perfect laser quality. High-performance, low-noise emitting and programmable, they offer the possibility of automatically enlarging or reducing the format of images or text which needs to be reproduced. They also allow documents to be saved on its hard disk using EDM software (electronic document management). Some digital photocopiers are multifunction devices and integrate a printer, scanner and fax. They are then called “multifunction copiers”.


Digital copiers operate using xerography, a printing process involving a drum, that is, a photoconductive insulating layer and a toner, filled with negatively charged powder ink.

Note that digital technology makes it possible to connect this type of equipment to a network: it is therefore quite possible to connect a single digital copier to several computer stations. 

Also, with WiFi or Bluetooth multi-copier models, printing jobs can be operated remotely.

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The different types of copiers and printers – frequently asked questions :

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