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What is the definition of a multifunction printer?

A multifunction printer is a versatile printing device suitable for individuals and professionals alike.

It is able to perform several tasks:

  • Office printing and, for some models, high definition photo printing,
  • Document scanning (scan),
  • Copies,
  • Fax (transmission of scanned documents through a telephone line).

The multifunction printer can rely on inkjet or laser technology. 

Like a “traditional” printer, it can print in different formats (A4, A3…), in colour and / or black and white (monochrome). Most multifunction printers have LCD screens which allow users to make copies, send faxes or make adjustments without necessarily going through a computer station.


Multifunction printers offer fine printing speeds and good space saving solutions by replacing four peripherals (printer, scanner, copier and fax). It’s a great investment for professionals and individuals who need to print, copy and scan. 

A downside however, is that in the event of a breakdown, all functions (printer, copy, scan and fax) become unusable during the entire maintenance period.

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