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What are the different applications of 3D printer?

3D printers transform materials such as steel, aluminum or plastics into physical objects one layer at a time.

3D printers transform materials into accurate solid representations of CAD design files. Some  3D printers can only handle one or a few spools of filament at a time, but others are capable of using up to 14 spools of filament to produce complex coloured objects.

3D printers generate solid models from digital files in just a few hours. They are available in kit form for commercial or home office/studio use. The fact that such advanced technology is now affordable for both commercial and personal use demonstrates how rapidly it has advanced.

3D printers are used for a broad variety of applications, from food production to artificial body parts. Self-assembly kits are available starting at less than £1,000 plus VAT; these are great for commercial and home studio art work.

Three-dimensional printers have several practical applications:

- Designers use them to create clothing and footwear- Engineers use them to create hinges, connectors, tubing, etc.- Jewelers use them to make beads, bracelets, clasps and fastenings - Toymakers use them to make a wide variety of toys and components

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