The different types of copiers and printers

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Printers, photocopiers, copiers, multifunction printers... How to distinguish these printing devices?

Printers, photocopiers and multifunction machines are office equipment devices which belong to the same family but fulfil different purposes:

  • Printers are devices connected to a computer. Whether laser or inkjet, they perform the printing of text, graphics and photos on paper which size and weight may vary depending on technical characteristics of the material used.
  • Photocopiers or copiers ensure rapid reproduction of large numbers of documents at a low cost. Copiers can be digital or analogue. Unlike printers, copiers do not necessarily need to be connected to a computer station to operate and make copies.
  • MFP printers, or multifunction printers, sometimes also referred to as an all-in-one printers, multi-function copiers, or multi-copiers, combine multiple devices into one with the ability to print, copy, scan, and fax. This is a particularly interesting solution for people who need all of these features in a small package and are trying to reduce the costs associated with consumables.


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