The different types of copiers and printers

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What are portable printers?

Portable laptop computers are already everywhere. Add a laptop printer and you’re ready to conduct business anywhere.

Portable printers come in many styles, from compact versions to handheld devices and bar- or wand-shaped mini printers which can process wide-format print jobs. Most models are WIFI enabled, offering e-printing and multifunction capabilities such as scanning and copying.

Portable printer technology

Most laptop printers are based on inkjet, thermal or laser technology. The fastest, most accurate laptops use laser; they’re suitable for printing everything from business cards to graphics and marketing materials. Multifunction models can offer scanning and copying as well as printing, making your laptop an office hub while you are travelling.

Laptop printers are available with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity, which can form part of an EPoS system at trade fairs or be used to print labels or add marketing information to products, samples and flyers. They allow you to print useful documents anywhere, as if you were in your home office:

- tickets for trains, planes, theatre or conferences in your hotel room

- marketing materials like flyers, business cards, memos, images and press materials

- specifications and leaflets for customers at trade fairs and exhibitions

- account spreadsheets or credit control and EPoS reports for meetings

- CVs at job fairs

- property details for customers and potential purchasers

As with many other digital work tools, the future of printing is portable and, of course, wireless.

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