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What is the definition of a photocopier?

A copier or photocopier is an office device which allows you to make copies of images, plans, texts, in different formats, in colour and / or black and white. Analogue copiers do exist, but they are increasingly being replaced by digital copiers.

Indeed, although they are more expensive to purchase, the latter are often stacked with additional features (printer, even scanner or fax - they are then called “multifunction copiers” because they are capable of copying a document in a paper form or in a dematerialised form, as is the case during digitisation, for example) and can be connected to a network in order to be used by several computer stations.


The majority of copiers use the technique of xerography, a printing process allowing the dry reproduction of documents through photoconduction. This is why copiers do not consume cartridges like inkjet printers but toners filled with a powdered ink made up of fine particles of plastic or resin (remember that cartridges and toners represent an additional expense item). 

A copier or photocopier designed for copying large volumes is called a duplicator.

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The different types of copiers and printers – frequently asked questions :

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