The different types of copiers and printers

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What are the latest printer market trends?

The new generation printer is multifunction and WiFi compatible: it can therefore operate in a wireless network. It offers perfect black-and-white and colour printing quality, and is ideal for photo prints which can be made directly from a memory card, without requiring the use of a computer station.

Among recent innovations, printing speeds have greatly improved, 400-sheet trays or even support for printing from a mobile device (smartphone or iPad-type tablet) have been introduced.


Another novelty: the 3D printer. Released on the market a few years ago, their prices have fallen sharply so that SMEs / VSEs or even individuals now have the possibility of printing small objects in plastic, wax, metal or plaster. How they work doesn’t differ much from a 2D printers as they lay, stick and / or solidifies composite materials layer after layer using nozzles identical to those found on office printers.

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The different types of copiers and printers – frequently asked questions :

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