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How does printer leasing work?

Leasing a printer is a smart way to stay on top of technology advances without sinking money into a depreciating asset.

As with other products, printer leases are arranged through a finance company which shapes the contract to suit the needs of the business acquiring the printer. The finance company performs a credit check, and you make payments to the finance company rather than to the printer manufacturer or retailer.

In general a longer lease will allow you to get a lower rate. Most leases run for 12 months minimum, and may be as long as three or even five years. Installation, maintenance, repairs and upgrades are typically included in your leasing terms, Staff training is usually part of the contract as well. The lease is an overall annual amount, and you pay a prearranged amount each month for the term of the lease.

Why leasing a printer makes sense

Leasing allows your company to test a printer without making a permanent financial commitment. You are also free of the responsibility to assume the cost of depreciation.

There are many other advantages to printer leasing:

- Affordable monthly payments


- Automatic upgrades


- Maintenance, repair and supplies contracts


- No disposal of old printers


- Chance to revise your contract


Some printer suppliers will adjust their offer to meet your budget constraints. Suppliers sometimes offer easy terms for start-ups in exchange for an upfront down payment.

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