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Aldermore invoice finance: giving more to SMEs

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Founded in 2009, Aldermore immediately launched Aldermore invoice finance products, as it has been targeting the small and medium enterprises market from the start. But its product range is also directed to homeowners and private savers, with services including both commercial mortgages and residential mortgages. Aldermore now has over 187,000 individual and business customers, and has remained loyal to its positioning as SME-focussed internet pure-player.

Services and areas of expertise: Aldermore invoice finance, and more

Aldermore concentrates on specialist lending in four areas: Aldemore invoice Finance, asset finance, SME commercial mortgages and residential mortgages.

Aldermore invoice finance products, at the heart of the bank’s service portfolio...

Receivables and business finance products include:

- Aldermore invoice finance,

- Factoring,

- Asset finance with asset-based lending,

- Trade finance,

- Pay and bill recruitment finance,

- Construction finance.

... but not its only core business

Aldermore invoice finance is just part of the bigger picture. Aldermore provides personal banking products such as:

- Fixed Rate Accounts,

- Cash ISAs,

- Notice Accounts,

- Residential mortgages like Buy To Let or Remortgaging...

But Aldermore also provides businesses with a full range of banking services such as:

- Property development finance,

- Commercial mortgage finance,

- Bridging finance, for example when refinancing a property to raise capital, purchasing or re-financing unmortgageable properties, or purchasing properties at auction with completion deadline.

 Aldermore invoice finance

Background and key figures

Aldermore invoice finance has helped Aldermore grow into a reputable financial institution managing billions of pounds of assets. The bank’s track record and growth were rewarded by an introduction on the London Stock Exchange in 2015.

An young SME-focussed bank...

Aldermore was created in 2009 as a retail bank providing financial services to small and medium-sized enterprises. It was founded by Philip Monks, who received backing from private equity firm AnaCap Financial Partners LLP, Goldman Sachs and other funds. Philip Monks, a former Barclays Bank executive, is still the CEO of the bank.

Aldermore invoice finance and Aldermore’s business lending activity are directly managed by Carl D’Amassa, Group managing director for Business Finance.

... already publicly traded

Aldermore invoice finance has published the following noteworthy figures:

- 56,000 business customers,

- £2.7 billion funds lent to SMEs,

- 850 employees,

- 187,000 customers,

- Publicly listed on the London Stock Exchange,

- £5.4 billion of customer deposits, of which

- £1.3 billion from SMEs.

Aldermore bank is a successful, transparent internet pure player operating with modern, scalable   and legacy-free infrastructure within the banking industry. It has been providing truly SME-focused services like Aldermore invoice finance since its inception.