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Santander invoice finance

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Santander invoice finance is just one of the banking services offered by Santander, one of the largest retail banks in the UK. Providing financial services to both businesses and individual, Santander enjoys a network of 35 regional corporate business centres, and has developed a “breakthrough” offering directly aimed at fast-growing small and medium enterprises. Although the bank is a subsidiary of the Spanish Santander group, Santander and Santander invoice finance UK are completely autonomous.

Services and areas of expertise of Santander invoice finance

Santander invoice finance is one series of products within the business and commercial banking services offered by Santander UK.

Santander, invoice finance...

With Santander invoice finance, businesses can:

- Receive immediate cash against outstanding invoices for up to 85% of the submitted invoice value;

- Enjoy optional managed invoice collections from end-clients;

- Track their invoice finance account online anytime using secure client access service.

Besides traditional factoring, invoice discounting and confidential invoice discounting are also available.

... and more business banking products...

Related business finance products offered by Santander include:

- asset finance;

- supplier payments;

- domestic payments and receipts;

- trade finance, including export finance.

Start-up companies may be interested in the “breakthrough” programme by Santander, which allows clients to:

- meet prominent British business figures face-to-face at special events;

- access a talent database of 2,000 subsidised graduate interns;

- connect with over 150,000 international contacts to evaluate international business opportunities;

- receive special funding solutions.

... with specific expertise in multiple industries

Finally, the breadth of Santander’s operations allows the bank to provide expert knowledge of business sectors such as:

- real estate;

- healthcare;

- renewable energy;

- transport and distribution;

- manufacturing;

- hospitality and leisure...

 Santander invoice finance

Background and key figures

Santander is a relatively recent bank in the UK, but the history of the group dates back to over 150 years.

A fully autonomous subsidiary of an old, sound banking institution

Santander invoice finance is a service offered by Santander UK, a fully-owned subsidiary of the Santander Group. The group traces find its origins in Santander bank, which was founded as early as 1857 in… Santander, Spain.

Technically, the UK bank was formed by the merger or three companies —Abbey National, Alliance & Leicester and Bradford & Bingley— which were taken over by Santander one after the over between 2004 and 2008. On 11th January 2010, all these banks ended up being called Santander UK plc.

Santander UK manages its affairs in complete autonomy, managed by Britons, Baroness Vadera (Chairwoman) and Nathan Bostock (CEO) and has been known to perform even better than its parent Spanish bank.

... with solid performance indicators

The bank published the following relevant figures:

- 20,000 employees;

- 1,010 branches;

- 726 Relationship Managers;

- 70 Corporate Business Centres;

- £198.6bn of customer loans, of which;

- £16.4bn corporates;

- £26.4bn of corporate loans, representing 13% of total customer loans;

- £20.9bn of customer loans on commercial banking.

With Santander invoice finance, business customers rely on the services of one of UK’s largest retail banks, offering universal service. Although a local subsidiary of a foreign banking corporation, Santander UK is a fully autonomous bank, doing business almost only with British clients.