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RBS invoice finance

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RBS invoice finance services are part of the business banking services provided by RBS, one of the most widely known British retail bankers. After withstanding the 2008 banking crisis, this tercentennial banking institution has once again proved that it just is “too big to fail”. But is it still small enough to take care of even SMEs and their invoice finance needs?

Services and areas of expertise of RBS invoice finance

RBS offers a comprehensive series of invoice finance services, and many, many more business or commercial banking products.

RBS, invoice finance...

RBS invoice finance products include factoring  (with or without) credit protection, invoice discounting  (with or without) and asset based lending.

- All services may provide cash up to 90% of the invoice value or outstanding balance, require legal titles to receivables, like delivery notes or timesheets, and can finance the export ledger;

- Factoring services are restricted to companies reporting at least £250,000 of annual turnover;

- Asset-based lending services are restricted to companies reporting at least £10,000,000 of annual turnover.

All services are managed through the very complete FacFlow web application.

... and more business banking products.

RBS provides many other business banking products, such as:

- trade finance, including export finance and asset finance;

- supplier finance, including reverse factoring;

- access to debt capital markets;

- corporate lending.

RBS invoice finance

Background and key figures

RBS Invoice finance is part of the Royal Bank of Scotland, one of Britain’s oldest and most popular banks.

RBS invoice finance, part of the Royal Bank of Scotland...

RBS, or the Royal Bank of Scotland, is a tercentennial Scottish banking corporation founded in 1727 by Royal Charter. It is known for inventing financial products... such as the bank overdraft, as early as 1728. It wasn’t until 1874 that the Royal Bank of Scotland opened its first branch in London, but it then quickly moved to the international stage.

RBS is part of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group, which also includes NatWest, Ulster Bank, private banking specialists Coutts, Adam and Company, Child & Co., and Drummonds Bank and investment banking activities with RBS Securities. The group does business in Europe, the United States, the Persian Gulf, China, Japan and Australia.

... one of Britain’s top banking institutions.

Royal Bank of Scotland group published the following noteworthy figures:

- 141,000 employees;

- 700 branches in the United Kingdom;

- £1,051bn of assets;

- £151bn of loans to personal and corporate banking customers.

RBS is one of the few banks in the UK capable of providing as many useful additional business banking services to its already very complete RBS invoice finance services. The old bank puts forward FacFlow, its very comprehensive and user-friendly online invoice finance management platform, as one of its key advantages over the competition.