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How can you boost your productivity with laser printers?

Laser printers offer fast, high-quality printing using a technology in which a beam projects an image of the content onto the page and ink particles are heated and fused to the page.

Laser printers are the fastest type of printer available, perfect for high-volume jobs and dense marketing materials. They print a page in a single motion rather than one paragraph at a time, so a mix of text and graphics may be produced very quickly.

Main advantages of laser printers

- Capacity to print dozens of pages per minute- Less messy ink cartridges- More accuracy and less waste- Greater energy efficiency- Affordability- Multi-functionality, with faxing, copying and scanning capabilities

The  versatility of laser printers means they are equally well-adapted to SMEs or SOHOs (small office/home office), or to retail shops and restaurants via EPOS systems. Laser printers offer several functions that can save a business significant time and money:

- Automatic duplex models reduce paper and ink cartridges consumption- Some models are equipped with Web browsers and status-monitor functions, which enable remote tracking of print jobs- High-capacity paper loading enables quick, inexpensive in-house production of big printing jobs which once might have been contracted out to a professional firm- Laser printers are extremely user-friendly, with fewer interruptions thanks to more efficient laser technology. That means that you and your colleagues will spend more time doing your jobs and less time trying to fix paper jams and other annoying productivity-killers.

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Everything you need to consider before buying or renting a photocopier or a printer – frequently asked questions :

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