Everything you need to consider before buying or renting a photocopier or a printer

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Why leasing your photocopier makes sense?

Buying a photocopier can require a hefty upfront payment, especially the faster, high-volume models. Leasing is a smart alternative to buying your photocopier.

One way to get around the high purchase price of photocopiers is to lease your photocopier rather than buy it.

Advantages of photocopier leasing

Leasing a photocopier offers several benefits to a small business:

- They can be hired for short-term jobs. If you have a one-time need for big photocopying jobs at certain times of the year you can lease a fast machine to meet your needs.

- Leasing ensures that you can afford the features you require without a large outlay.

- Leasing agreements allow you to upgrade at any time.

- Service and maintenance are included in the contract. 

- Leasing costs are spread evenly over time, allowing you to get what you need without a major upfront payment.

- Hiring a copier only when you need it frees up office space which would otherwise be taken up by the machine. This is important in small offices where space is scarce.

- Leasing gives you an option to purchase.

- You don’t have to worry about wear and tear since you return the machine at the end of your contract.

- A photocopier can be hired as part of a package deal with other office machinery.

- Reconditioned models are available at discounted rates.

Be sure you are leasing a photocopier from a reputable dealer who offers a good range of products and contract terms. Ask for free quotations and to look closely at the terms and conditions of the contract to make sure all charges are transparent and easy to understand

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