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Printer-copiers: cutting operating costs

By employing a few simple conservation rules around the office, businesses can increase the lifespan of their office printer-photocopier and save considerable money.

How many times have you printed a memo, proofread it, found a mistake, thrown it away, and printed it again? Since the task of reducing paper consumption is rarely assigned to anyone in particular, it is usually ignored. And since individual employees don’t see monthly expense reports, they don’t realize how much their wasteful printing and copying affects the company’s bottom line.

It is up to you, as the owner or office manager of your business, to promote steps to encourage employees to make smarter use of your printers and photocopiers and contribute to more efficient resource allocation.

Consider the following tips:

Proofread documents onscreen:

Printing and holding a document in one’s hands gives a satisfying sense of completion. But mistakes are nearly unavoidable, especially in initial drafts. Encourage your staff to proofread all documents onscreen before sending them to print. This will save you a lot of wasted paper and ink cartridges.

Print on both side of the paper:

This simple step, when it’s acceptable, will immediately cut your paper budget in half! Especially useful for internal documents, two-sided printing and copying will save you reams of paper every month.

Rely more on digital communication:

Circulate memos and other internal company communications via email instead of printing and sending them out physically.

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